Am I Pregnant NOW?

Am I Pregnant
Am I Pregnant
When you doing sex without contraception it means you have unprotected sex, you could get pregnant after that. You must aware when your first time sex it possible for you to get pregnant. When your partner pulls his penis out before ejaculates there is possibility to get pregnant. Even if you do not have an orgasm you can get pregnant. Some questions for am I pregnant now are below. This is some sample of questions when you want to get pregnant. Maybe you can ask yourself if it have the same answer.

Q: Have you had vaginal sex?

Q: Do you use any kind of birth control?

Q: Have you had vaginal sex in the last five days?

Q: Do you want to get pregnant now?

Am I pregnant now? The answer is you might be pregnant now.

You may want to take a pregnancy test now for the best way to find out if you are pregnant. You can take home pregnancy test, pregnancy test accurate when the test is done after a woman misses her period. A negative result from a pregnancy test means it’s unlikely you are pregnant. But sometimes it means you have taken the pregnancy test too early to know for sure. Wait until a day or two after you missed period and take another test to be sure.

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