Baby Gender Predictor: Choose the Gender of Your Baby

Predicting the gender of your baby by utilizing the baby gender predictor is available should you desire it. You might ask, “What exactly is this baby gender predictor and how can it predict the gender of my baby?”
Well, let me tell you upfront that this method DOES NOT have a 100% success rate. This method mainly consists of traditional methods believed to enable you to determine the baby gender predictor of your baby. The following are a compilation of natural, non-medical baby gender predictor determination methods found all over the internet, I’ve compiled them below for your viewing pleasure.

Baby Gender Predictor
Baby Gender Predictor
If you browse the internet, you’ll likely to find quizzes to determine what gender of baby you’re likely ended up having. Of course they’re basically just fun and games, most parents are naturally curious as to what the gender of their unborn children are, and these quizzes serve a pleasant distraction. Meaning: You shouldn’t take those quizzes too seriously.

To obtain the answer to the question, a lot of questions first needs to be asked. Even though having a baby regardless of its gender is a blessing in its own right, but having the preferred gender is a joy of the highest order for some parents. And many prefer to pre-determine the baby gender predictor of their child by utilizing methods that are traditional, natural and risk-free; meaning they tend to avoid invasive, risky as well as costly medical procedures.

Numerous researches and studies have shown that your chances of conceiving a girl tends to be higher the older you get. Meaning that if you’re over 35, you have a greater chance of having a baby girl than a baby boy. It all comes down to hormones, which are highly dependent on your age.

There is also a research suggesting that if a pregnant woman lives with the father of her child prior to conception or during pregnancy, then the child would likely turn out to be a boy. There’s also a theory suggesting the length of marriage may influence the gender of the baby. This theory basically states that if a couple marries and tries for a child within a year, their child would likely be a boy. Conversely, if that couple postpones pregnancy for over a year, then when they do get pregnant, odds are that the baby would be a girl.

The age of your male companion is also a determining factor in gender determination. When your man reaches the age of 40, a baby girl is more likely to be the outcome. This is due to the fact that men over 40 produces far less boy sperm compared to girl sperm, and the boy sperm that do get produced would be of inferior quality, rendering them incapable of competing with the more abundant and healthier girl sperm.  

Also, the number of child you’ve given birth to may also be a factor. If you’ve given birth to more than two babies, you’re likely to get a girl instead of a boy. This theory is linked to the level of a hormone called “gonadotropin” in a woman’s body. The more times you’ve been pregnant, the higher the level of gonadotropin in your body would be, effectively rendering the chances of having a girl that much higher.

740 pregnant women were included in a study in the UK. They took part in a study in which their level of consumed calories were tested. The study revealed that 56% of women who consumed high level of calories ended up having a boy, while the ones that undertook a strict calorie diet ended up with a baby girl. Although this study revealed a correlation between calories and the gender of the baby, it’s important to always prioritize the health and safety of the child. Meaning that we don’t recommend you starving yourself of calories just to be able to conceive a baby girl.

If your male partner’s profession is a high- stress one or a profession that puts him in a constant rush of adrenaline, say, a pilot, a scuba diver, a miner, a marine etc. These kinds of professions contributes to the overall odds of having a baby boy. Same goes for you, if you’re involved in a job that’s very stressful, you’re chances of conceiving a baby boy is significantly higher.

If you’re living in a place or region where you experience all 4 seasons, there’s a way for you to determine the gender of your child. Farmers or ranchers have observed that mammals in their ranch tend to give birth to more male offspring in the summer, while female offspring are more prevalent during the winter. This is due to the fact that their cattle are more susceptible to diseases and are less fit during the winter then they are in the summer, subsequently affecting the quality and quantity of the sperm produced by the males.  

A research conducted in a tropical setting shows that there are significantly more baby girl births than boy. Experts believe this is due to the hormone “melatonin,” which is affected by the day and night cycles, undoubtedly caused by the excessive heat in tropical areas which apparently has a detrimental effect to male sperm (they’re far less resilient than girl sperm).

So there you have it, the Baby Gender Predictor. The methods and info I’m sharing with you today should be taken with a grain and salt, as these are not like full-proof methods. There are no guarantees that all (if any) of the methods will work for you.

What I can guarantee, however, is the fact that the methods mentioned above is likely to be safe and do not pose any threat whatsoever to both your health and your baby’s health. These are all natural and doesn’t involve chemicals or drugs and does not require you to undergo risky and invasive medical procedures.

How’s that for a disclaimer?

Well, feel free to tell me what you think about my article. You can say what’s on your mind by leaving your comments on the space provided below.


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