Signs of Pregnancy You Should Know

You fell something different about your body? Wondering if you're pregnant now? Afraid to test to doctor and afraid know a negative result? So try to notice some subtle signs of pregnancy. Here's some advice on how to know to these symptoms if you're trying to get pregnant.

1. Shortness of Breath

Do you get winded when you going up the stairs all of a sudden? It might be because you’re sign of pregnancy. When fetus growing it's needs oxygen, leaving you a little short. So this one may continue cause you starts to put pressure on your lungs and diaphragm.

2. Fatigue

Suddenly you sleep fast last night before you want to sleep. If you're suddenly exhausted, it might be a response for sign of pregnancy. For many women the increasing hormones in your body because of fetus growing.

3. Frequent Urination

You taking a lot of pee breaks. Felling unable to sleep through the night, it might be a sign of pregnancy. During pregnancy when the fetus growing your body produces extra fluids.

4. Headaches

More of early signs of pregnancy can be an aching head, a result of changes in hormones. So before you take medicine when you want to conceive a baby and have a headaches you must figure that you pregnant or not.

5.  Backaches

Is your lower back a little sore? This one might continue through your sign of pregnancy if your weight gain and shifting center of gravity throw your posture out of whack.

This are some of sign of pregnancy you should know . There are many other sign of pregnancy, if you want to know more click here.

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