Trouble Getting Pregnant

Not feeling healthy because an issue about fertility. Many medical problems that might complicate their pregnancy and there any genetic mutations.
Well if you want to optimize and you know the chance that the pregnancy is going to be as easy as possible.

Trouble Getting Pregnant
Trouble Getting Pregnant
Having sex regularly meaning three to four times a week. In order to get pregnant egg must meet a sperm. Make sure that when the eggs release there is a sperm around.

Generally a fertile couples that have regular sex and not using any contraception can try to conceive about 12 months. But if there are a physical issue with a couples it can decrease chances of conceiving or higher risks of pregnancy complications. Causes for having trouble getting pregnant will be explained below.

In women one of the problem is hostile cervical mucus, it makes woman mucous kill sperm. When women fallopian tubes blocked that sure make problems to conceiving. And polycystic ovarian syndrome can affect women insulin production.

In men usually the problem is an absent sperm or low sperm number in the ejaculate. Surgery to the testicle that have trauma can be the problem too. Smoking, drinking and caffeine can make your hard to conceive.

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